Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Must Haves:

nail color of the week:request HD Primer review:

(the foundation I'm testing w/ I don't use it's too dark and has a weird undertone). someone requested me to do a review on the *

HD primer. ..I got the primer in #6 (which is a yellow primer that makes darkskintones lighter). When I'm using this product I apply this product to my jawline area or cheeks area depending on which foundation I'm using since my skin is medium dark it's so hard to find the right shade...so basically this product even out my skin (since I'm lighter in the inside of my face..and I always tend to get a shade or two darker than my skintone).

This product def. does the job! I love it 100% ..I will so get #4 which gives my skin a somewhat balance (its like a bronzer on medium dark to light skin) ...it suppose to help w/ clearing up the ashy look on darkskintones. ..so might be good for darkskintones that has foundation too light.

*I might switch my *HD Foundation to 155 (medium skintone w/ dark beige undertone)

1. 5 Camouflage Cream Palette - No. 3
*not sure which one to get #3 or #4?

The ultimate professional make-up tool. Skin tones are perfect for dark circles and uneven skin tone. Though it provides complete coverage, the texture is light, easy to blend, and won't irritate even the most sensitive skin.
Dany's Tip: "Camouflage Creams last longer when applied directly onto the skin before foundation, and blended with fingertips."

For: Medium to Dark Skintones

*2.Compact Modellers
*I have the sculpt and shape by m.a.c and also harmony blush ...and the new view duo..I'm addicted!!

What it is:

A two pack of compact powders.

What it is formulated to do:Shape and contour the face by contrasting light and shadow. Using the dark shade in the hollows of the face to enhance cheekbones and any other areas you want to contour, and apply the light shade to prominent features like the top of the cheekbone or brow bone to accentuate them.

3.Full Cover Concealer
*believe I will need to get this in shade Dark Beige 12.
*I might switch my HD Foundation to 155 (medium skintone w/ dark beige undertone)

What it is:An ultra long-lasting, matte finish, oil-free, waterproof, full coverage concealer.
What it is formulated to do:

Designed to cover major imperfections like scars, hyperpigmentation, major discoloration, burns, and tattoos. This light and creamy concealer contains a high concentration of pigments that stay put, making it perfect for use on the face, as well as the body.

Clinical Testing/Results:Clinically tested on sensitive skin and dermatologically controlled for gentleness.
*4. 12 Flash Color Case
* I already have 2 of the flash colors and love them so...similar to m.a.c paintpot, Mehron, Kryolan

What it is:12 vibrant Flash Colors in one palette.
What it does:

This 12 Flash Color Case is found in the kits of many well-known makeup artists. You can create an array of looks with this palette and it's great for traveling. It can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

What else you need to know:This palette is a Sephora-exclusive and contains Gold 004 (metallic gold), Coral 002 (vibrant coral), Turquoise 000 (light turquoise), Fuchsia 005 (bright fuchsia pink), Yellow 013 (vibrant yellow), Brown 023 (dark brown), Silver 003 (metallic silver), White 010 (pure white), Red 017 (bright red), Bright Blue 014 (bright royal blue), Leaf Green 008 (bright green), and Black 011 (pure black).
*5.Glossy Full
*if you have m.a.c creme gloss brillance's you basically get the same effect...

What it is:

A unique, ultra glossy lip plumping gloss.

What it is formulated to do:Glossy Full provides immediate plumping with a vinyl-shine effect. The active ingredient maxi lip helps stimulate collagen production, while the natural mint extract helps to tone lips so lips look plumper and increased in size. Dany Sanz
Tip: Mix Glossy Full with pearly makeup, eyeshadows, glitter, or diamond powder to give your lips a festive allure.
only at sephora =*