Saturday, October 25, 2008

How do I find my skin undertone?

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One of the trickiest cosmetics to match is foundation. In daylight your foundation color is very important. The match to your skin should be as close to perfection as possible. To match your skin color you must first understand what your skin undertone is. To find your skin under tone hold the under side of your wrist facing upward in good light.

Do you have a golden, yellow, orange, green, or bronze cast to your skin?

If you do, your skin is a warm under tone.

Do you have pink, rosy, beige, or red/brown cast to your skin?

If you do, your skin is cool under tone.

If you still have doubt remember 75% of most people fall into the warm category. When it comes to choosing foundations, concealers, and powders, remember to choose shades with your same undertone. A great way to test foundation shades is to apply a swipe of color down your jawbone onto your neck. The neck gets very little sun and shows your true skin color. See if the shade blends well into your skin tone on your neck. This will help to prevent your face looking a different color from your body. Note: if your face color is much darker than your neck, match your face color and blend the foundation onto your neck evenly. Always check the match out in daylight or under a very bright lamp.