Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mineral = Yum!

so ceylon, new vegas, warm, light flush

I wore so ceylon (rosey brown )today as a bronzer..everyone was like .."Did you get a tan or something?!??" lol mind you I already have a rich tan complexion, but this products made me have eva mendez complexion (dewy warm skin) ... I even added warm msf to the top of my cheekbones WOW!! and VG1 l/s to lips...mascara and wow!!!

so ceylon and warmed

MSF Talk:

Petticoat LE (pink berry w/ bronze)- This MSF I noticed as I swatced it looks great on its own as a blush. Doesn't really compare to light msf (since this is more copper like ).

So Ceylon LE (a rosey brown): I wore this product as a bronzer. It gives you a sunkissed, and dewy look. Depending on your skintone this can works as a highlight color, bronzer or an all over face glow.

Warmed LE (bronzey)- This product really warms up my complexion.I tend to use this as a blush/bronzer(top w/ a berry blush and other MSF).

New Vegas LE(very chunky glitters almost like fafi bp glitter) - I got this product during the McQueen Collection *my first MSF*. I apply this product to the apples of my cheeks lightly and it makes me look glowly. I don't think you can pull this all as an all over face highlighter VERY glittery.

Light Flush LE (peachy pink w/ cooper shimmer)- Lights up my face with a "healthy glow". Has some shimmer in it, but not as chunky as New Vegas. This product can be used as a blush or a highlight color.

Gold Deposit (swatched will be getting soon): Gives your face a sun-kissed natural look almost like a peachy/goldish look to it. So use wisely or you'll look too orange.

Soft and Gentle (remind me of the other half of the msf duo's will be getting sooon): natural looking glow. Like I stated it before if you like the duo's you'll like this. Same concept. but now you get a whole instead of half. This product face a very natural glow.

Finally peep this line out: Emanuel Ungaro: **ungaro's beauty powder in Flower Mist Dew equals love ...def. great for brighten up the face...almost like "dandelion" by benefit or mac "angel" blush.**

you can use this product as a brightener (think MAC Studio Lights Ideal Pink in powder forum)..I finallly checked it out yesterday when I got my "so ceylon" ..and that product is loved so please ladies at least try it on your cheeks ..looks different on the hands...I have the dupe "MAC Angel Blush". gives me a nice winter pinky cheeks.

**Kim Kardashion**
UPDATE: "I see you guys are asking about what lipstick I bought at MAC. Well I used to wear the color Angel, with Stripdown lip liner, but now I am loving Soar lip liner with a clear gloss. Soar is like a light cranberry color, that looks almost like a darker version of angel. I am still trying to find the perfect lipstick. I also like the color Myth for a super nude lip, but sometimes its too light! I really went to Mac to get a new concealer. It seems I can never find the right one, but bought the Studio Tech creamy foundation to try as a concealer bc its way to heavy for a concealer for me!"
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