Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Red she said.... & Sheer Minerals

MAC description of the line: The retro-starlet allure of Hollywood glamour, with a modern twist. A season where lips connive, then confess in shades of provocative holiday reds. Party season and passions flare! "Red" She Said, and no one could resist her...

My list consisted of getting all bpb and dazzle glasse. Didn't get either...

"Enough" could be similar to "eversun" which I have and use it ...but then it kind of look like nuance or even "Sincere" with glitter..pretty weird...because I swatched "sincere" like 2-3 wks ago. ..so I'm confused about it.

"star naked"..didn't get it...too much like I don't know "feeling" ...I wasn't all over it when I got it.. ..hmmm...so maybe JUST maybe I might get a beautypowder blush.

MAC description of the line: "When it comes to naked skin, flawless sheen can't be faked. A selection of sheer mineral powders that keep the action focused, the skin vibrantly alive. Goes on as your first and last layer. A performance in the nude - in three perfect parts.

Mineralize Skinfinisher:

so creylon - rose bronze with golden bronze vein (so far I got this one)
soft and gentle -
soft peach bronze "
(remind me of the half shimmer half of the msf duo--will get)
petticoat - soft rose w/ gold amberose(extremely pink ..like hot pink ..like hmm..not sure ..I have light flush ..I wear sometimes..*light flush has a tad of bronze to it*..I have extremely rich tan complexion...might get it for the hype)

not sure of the loose beauty powder since I have a couple from before..and christine said they are pretty similar so yeah...
I wonder how does mac sheerbronze compares to bare mineral "warm" radiances?

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