Sunday, November 2, 2008

Perfect your cheeks (all you need is the perfect brush)

If you have an olive complexion you may want to try a deep peachy-pink blush. Deep peachy pinks will highlight and bring out your natural 'flush'. You can also get a beautiful effect by mixing a little pink blush with bronzer - beautiful!

If you have a tawny (or tanned) complexion you might try a golden pink or peachy blush. These compliment yellow undertones and look very natural.

* you can wear plummy/pinky colors as well(just use the 187/129 brush)

If you have a dark complexion think in shades of rich berry, deep purples, deep rose. Stay away from light or pale shades that will wash you out. The rich deep shades will look very natural and compliment your dark

* you can wear peachy/pink colors as well (just use the 129/187/109 brush)

If you have a fair complexion try a pale pink or peach blush. Stay away from rich or dark colors. Pale pinks or peach will brighten your complexion without looking unnatural.

* you can wear plummy colors as well (just use the 187 brush)
Face Brushes:

168: For cheek contour. This brush is a large angled contour - the fibers form a buffed edge and are soft and firmly bundled.

109: Use on the face to apply, blend or contour powder products. Softly rounded dome tip delivers just enough colour; smoothly blends colour into the face.

187: A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments. Use to create soft layers or add textures.

188: A large, flat, square-shaped synthetic-fibre brush with a fine firm edge for distribution and blending of liquid, emulsion or cream products on the face or body.

129: softly dense - easy to use. Provides full control for distribution and contouring of powder products such as blushes, pressed and loose powders, and hybrid foundations such as Studiofix