Sunday, December 21, 2008

CCB: Bronze

*Bronze: Metallic Bronze

Quick Look
1. Golden Olive Pigment with Bronze.
2. Honestylust Eyeshadow with Bronze.
3. Jardin Aires Pigment w/ Bronze.
4. Expensive Pink w/ Bronze.
5. Patina, Woodwinked or Time and Spaced Eyeshadow w/ Bronze.
6. Bronze as a base w/ Warmed MSF, Smooth Harmony BP, Gingerly Blush, Breezy Blush, Spacedout Blush


Dupe for Chill Eyeshadows:
Mont Blank = Black Tied
Wintersky = Sweet Lust
Arctic Grey = Electra
Apres-ski = Copperplate

Thanks to Alibi on Specktra <3