Sunday, February 1, 2009

Face Shapes

*My face shape is Long.


Most women with a long face know they have it. They learned early on that they could not wear their hair long and straight without looking stretched out. The long face is characterized by high cheek bones, a raised forehead and distinct jaw line.

In order to shorten this striking face shape, all it takes is a little of bronzer on the chin. You can also apply extra blush on the apples of the cheeks to bring out the distinctive cheek bones.

Contouring - brown
Highlight - yellow
Blusher - green


The oval face shape is considered to be the ideal. A shape that is perfectly symmetric with broader cheeks that taper in at the forehead and chin describes the oval face. If you are lucky enough to possess this face, enjoy. Your face can support most makeup trends and needs no contouring.


The round face shape is fuller and more youthful. The distance from the forehead to the chin tends to be short, while being wider from cheek to cheek. A round face has full cheeks and a rounded chin.

To enhance the appearance of a round face, you can use some basic contouring. Place your highlight color on the forehead, under the eyes, the top of the cheeks and the center of your chin. Then use the darker shade for the temples, cheeks and jaw. Blend.


The main difference between a round face and square is usually seen at the jaw line. When looking at the shape on your mirror, see if the corners are sharper rather than round. Also, a square face has the same width from the edges of the forehead, across the cheeks, and from jaw to jaw.

To soften the square face you can highlight the center of the forehead, under the eyes, and the very tip of the chin. Then, darken the hairline by the temples and the chiseled corners of the jaw. Finish the look with blush on the apples of the cheeks.


The heart shaped face is wide at the forehead, but then curves down to a point at the chin. To soften the lower half of the face, you will highlight the chin, forehead and under the eyes, while also darkening the temples and cheeks.


Contour: Sides of jaw and neck
Highlight: Centre of nose, centre of cheeks, temples
Blush: At the very side of the cheekbones


Contour: Sides of jaw and temples
Highlight: chin, temples and above cheekbones
Blush:On the cheekbone

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