Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last years New Year Resolutions

Okay I was looking through the laptop and came a cross a .gif animation I had made for my man a couple of years ago(2006)for his treo screensaver(he's cuban hints the *Hi Cuban*). I realized I was doing a few things wrong back than.

Hints: The overly permed..and fried hair and overly plucked eyebrows(even though I heart small eyerbrows) lashes was healthier back then lmao.

Well, all I can say so far I'm starting this New Year ..with both goals accomplished!...YAY!!

That was my New Year's Resolution last year...was to stop it already and start grow strong and healthy hair (currently doing)and stop being twizzer happy...thanks to MAC Counter/YT and BHM.

I learned how to conceal the now I don't even have to pluck, but of course anything below the browbone. As well as being introduced to products that would help keep my hair hyrdated ..etc <3 the goals for this years is to keep the purse away from any make-up counter lol and to keep testing out the bold colors...and of course a few non-make-up res.