Friday, January 23, 2009

MAC - Sugar Sweet 09

MAC Cosmetics Sugar Sweet Collection
March 19th, 2009

I have a few of the E/S already from this collection and so far the ones I don't have seems dupable so why bother right? What really has me out of my chair is the nifty looking MSF's and Shadesticks. I don't like glitter so I'm def. skipping the L/G's and the rest why bother?

Eye Shadows - $14.50USD

Sugarshot - Pale frosty beige (Lustre) (LE)
Dear Cupcake - Mid-tone pink coral with gold pearlized pigments (Satin) (LE)
Aquavert - Soft mint with white pearlized pigments (Veluxe Pearl) (LE)
Stars 'n' Rockets - Lavender with red/pink reflects (Veluxe Pearl) (Permanent)
Club - Muted reddish brown duo-chrome with green opalescent shimmer (Satin) (Permanent)

Shadesticks - (LE) $16.50USD

Cakeshop - Frosted light neutral beige
Lemon Chiffon - Frosted pewter
Butternutty - Frosted pale white gold
Red Velvet - Frosted mid-tone pink
Penny - Light pinky copper (Repromote)

Lipsticks - $14.00USD

Sweet Thing - Mid-tone magenta with multi-dimensional pearl (Lustre) (LE)
Bubbles - Sheer frosty white beige (Glaze) (LE) (Repromote of DCd Item)
Touch - Peachy cinnamon (Lustre) (Permanent)
Lollipop Loving - Mid-tone coral with subtle green with gold iridescence (Glaze) (LE) (Repromote from Heatherette Spring 2008)
Saint Germain - Pastel pink (Amplified Creme) (Permanent in select Europe locations)

Tri-Colour Lipglass (LE) - $17.50USD

Tasty - Top: Sheer blue pink with reflects. Middle: Mid-tone blue pink with duo-chrome pearlized pigments. Bottom: Dark creamy red pink
Just Dessert - Top: Sheer yellow pink with reflects. Middle: Mid-tone yellow pink with duo-chrome pearlized pigments. Bottom: Mid-tone creamy yellow pink
Simply Delicious - Sheer peach with reflects. Middle: Pale coral with duo-chrome pearlized pigments. Bottom: Creamy mid-tone coral
Triple-Yum - Top: Sheer gold with gold reflects. True gold with duo-come pearlized pigments. Bottom: Mid-tone bronze
Consume Me - Top: Sheer white with reflects. Middle: Pale mint with duo-chrome pearlized pigments. Bottom: Creamy light peach with pearlized pigments

Mineralize Skinfinishes - (LE) $25.000USD

Perfect Topping - Pink/Peach/Lavender melange
Refined - Tan/Peach/Coral melange

Mascara - (Perm) $12.00USD

Zoom Lash: Zoomblack - Rich black

Lash (Perm) - $12.00USD

#34 Lash - Dramatically long. Wispy. Features a long, winged-corner edge.

Nail Lacquer (LE) - $11.00USD

Peppermint Patti - Creamy mint green (Cream)
Seasonal Peach - Creamy pale peachy pink (Cream)

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looks similar to the lippies coming up in this collection.

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