Thursday, January 15, 2009

Swatches: Comparing Marquise 'D

Marquise 'D (Lustre - a sandy cream peach): a pinkish salmon color. I love the way this l/s gives me a sculpt, but yet gloss effect to my lips. If your looking for a matte version of this lip color try "Kinda Sexy (Matte - natural pinky rose)".. to me it looks like a Matte version of Marquise 'D (a pinkish salmon color). you'll love them both!

Freckletone (Lustre - a natural yellow tone - beige color): This color comparing to the other has more of a beige and a yellow with a hint of peach to it. Very different in coloring, but if your a nude lippie girl. You'll like it!

Nude lips are great when pairing them with bold dramatic eyes.