Thursday, February 5, 2009

Au Natural: Denman Brush Dupe!

Ook I got this brush at Wal-Mart last year from the "Goody's" just as good as a "Denman Brush".

Denman Brush - Specially designed for naturally curly, biracial, multi ethnic and frizzy curly hair.

A professional product used by hairdressers to smooth, shape and polish medium to long hair. The close-set nylon pins grip and control the hair and are especially effective for styling thicker hair.

Special Features:

Heavyweight handle for extra grip and control
Close-set pin pattern (9 rows)
Anti-static rubber cushion
Smooth, round-ended pins
Resistant to heat and chemicals
Made in the United Kingdom

Maximum control
Snag-free styling
Excellent blowdrying performance
Hygienic and durable