Saturday, February 14, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty

So, I finally took a peek at the HK Collection (thanks to the crew wanting to see Friday the 13th). I ended picking one of what I really wanted. Which was a Blush, Beauty Powder and Lip Conditioner(might go back for the other ones). My sister ended up getting "Lucky Tom"... it's pretty, but I have similar colors to blah.

FYI: Tippy Blush looks so ultra vibrant on my skintone (it reminded alot of dollymix in person) I think if I didn't have "Dollymix" I would get this one over it. It has more "ump" to it than "Dollymix".

Tahitain Beauty Powder when I swatched it, it gave my skin a glow...I didn't get either, but would go back if I had money to play with.

Popster reminded me of one of my lipgelle (orange coloring).

Hmm ..I noticed the "Lucky Tom" Palette I had to add loads of color (stylin' is a fav.) to get anything to show up. Paradisco so looked like expensive pink and I heard "dreammaker" looks like creme royale (I will test it out).

Oh yeah! If you have "spaced out" .you soooooooooooo don't need "Fun and Games", but there is a different (no MAC product is 100% alike). "Spaced Out" has an opalescent(duo chrome) sheen finish to it while "Fun and Games" has a gold glitter finish to it, and they look similar when you LOAD ON THE COLOR!! and of course certain lighting.

I will post swatches of my stuff. I didn't get the "Lucky Tom" my sister has it, she's getting suck in to the "hype" lol.