Saturday, March 7, 2009

Swatches: MAC Blush Collection 09

images: click the link
video: go to my YT Channel for major info!

Tippy, Fun and Games, Tenderling, Angel
Secret Blush, Nuance, Pleasantry, Blooming (not pictured)

Blunt, X Rocks, Cubic
Stray Rose, Prism, Blushbaby

Love Rush, Harmony, Emote
Dolly Mix, Hushabye, Plum Foolrey

Spaced Out, Springsheen, Desirous
Petalpoint, Fleurry, Joyous

Style, Ambering Rose, Sunbasque
Honour, Trace of Gold, Eversun

Breezy, Peachtwist, Coy Girl
Coppertone was here, Margin, Gingerly

Blooming, Uncommon, Lady Blush
Cheery, Lilicent, Posey
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