Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Favorites

MAC 189 Brush: A uniquely shaped, rounded-paddle Face Brush with chiselled edges on each side for effortless placement and precise blending of product. Read More

Neutrogena Moisture Shiner Lip Soother: sheer color, moisture, SPF 20, tingly feeling, apricot scent. This use to be my HG product in HS. They come in other great flavors.

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara: This mascara is suppose to give up to 70% more curl and voluptuous volume. some of my other favorites This mascara did me well. On to the next lol.

MAC HK "Tahitian Sand" Beauty Powder: Sand Soft coral peach. After I apply my SF Foundation I love setting the areas that I don't want to shine w/ this product.

MAC HK "Fun and Games" Beauty Powder Blush: Soft orange peach extra, extra. This blush comes in handy for me. Very work safe.

MAC Cult of Cherry "Blooming" Blush: dusky pink with a glow. Your talking the perfect blush that could ever kiss warm skin. The way petal point blush is for fair skin, this is for warm skin.

MAC Sugar Sweet "Refined" MSF: Tan/Peach/Coral melange. I had this a week or 2 now? I can't get enough of this product. Just give you a hint of love.

MAC N Collection 4N Lipstick: mauve-ish brown lipstick. The mix of this lipstick is just right!