Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random: Kim K. Facial Routine? & New Mirror

I'm wondering what is Kim K facial routine. Her skin looks so much tigher and fuller now and before she lost the few lbs from working on that dancing show. It's almost like she had a face lift, botox or even some type of fuller from looking at this old picture of her...wondering what it is ..and hoping she makes a post on it.

Anywho, I got a new mirror finally.
I was telling Beauty Guru Linda aka PiinkBeautyy how I kept my broken mirror, just to remind me to get a new one. I finally did it yesterday(before I got stuck in bed *currently under the weather*)!

Conair Make-Up Mirror Features:
5x and 1x Magnification
4 Light Settings: Day, Evening, Office and Home

this is for a forum (they made a post about what our hair looked like when we was babies)I'm here w/ my twin *sorry had to cover him up (i didn't ask) and me I was chubby lol*

and yes I have a big forehead. It's actually a forehead..four fingers cover it lmao don't need five lol.

(this is an old picture check post below for info on it).