Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just for fun: twilight!

So, everyone was right. They said when you start reading “twilight” you can’t put the book down. You get sucked into it like it was somewhat apart of your daily habit. I just started reading it Monday March 30th and I’m almost done (maybe by Thursday since I go to school + work blah) I'm done. I bought “new moon” so I wouldn’t be left with emptiness once I was done with the first book…and I had a dream already. Yeah I know lol.

My Chemical Romance should make a song for the next movie(new moon)..."this is how I disappear" reminds me of a song meant for this book when I play it in my car...I think of the...

oh yeah another song ..."frozen" by madonna

Anywho, did I ever tell you my bf's a vampire?
oh and I'm one too...remember the YT video I did with the intro w/ me in dark lips and dark eyes?? around Oct. 31 (if I didn't make it private by now lol)...yeah we both turn into one the same day lmao.

Are you addicted to "twilight"?
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