Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick Review: Bobbi Brown & Boxom

YAY!! All done with twilight!! in one week ...geesh!! very addicting. When I was reading the books I had every cast member that I've seen from the movie in my head (of course others I have yet to see I had to imagine)...I think thats what pulled me more and more into this novel. Now, I can't wait for the other movies to come (please!! make them long close to the book or at least make a special DVD w/ all of what I request lol!).

on with the post

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation: I felt like I was applying moisturizer to my skin. Not thick, but a bit runny (which is okay since my skin is normal to dry). This product left me with a dewy/natural look and I still added a bit of fix+ for the fixing lol. I noticed with in a few days my skin tone was so even (I didn’t feel two-toned anymore, but like I got a tan since I was one solid color). This product is so magic! I'm such a happy camper. Def. purchasing this foundation.

Bobbi Brown Concealer/Corrector: Did an okay job (I'm a fan of liquid anything for under my eyes lol), but it did cover my dark circles big time (I spent one week reading all the twilight books so yuppers lol I needed something.

Boxom's lip product: This product isn't bad at all. The stinging sensation is not as shocking as some lip plumper out there (last up to 30-40 minutes). I notice after I wipe this product off (I tend to do that) hours later my lips still have this fullness to them. So, I’m only guessing with in time you might keep a temporary shape to them. Will repurchase again :)