Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's in my bag?

extra, extra read all about it:
yankee(my team)'s lost 16 to 2 cleveland indians
atlanta(his team)'s lost 10 to 0 pittsburg pirates

Last Braves game I went to was when atlanta was playing against toronto:

What's in my bag? from lala on Vimeo.

- Sony Head Phones
- Graphite Drawing Pencils
- Kneaded Erasers
- Sketch book
- C-Thru Graphic Arts Ruler
- Calculator
- Body Spary in raspberry vanilla spary
- Body Lotion
- Class Book (Final Cut)
- Make-up Bag
* L'oreal Extreme-Collagen Mascara
* Lash Blast Mascara
* Lipconditioner (pink fish and petting pink)
* MAC Lipstick Blankety
* MAC Lacquer Babied
* MAC Warmsmile Tendertone
* Sanitizer
- Wallet
- Keys

I think I was tagged for this many years ago.