Sunday, May 3, 2009

Au Natural, Skin, Quick Tips: ACV


Using "ACV" as a toner or a mask is great! I tend to go through this routine one week "organic" next week "brand". Ok, so here is what I do.

Toner: Mix in a bowl some "baking soda" and add some honey/water to it. lather it on my face. Rinse off and follow w/ "ACV" as a toner.

*my sister when I was small she would always sprinkle "baking soda" on her toothbrush just naturally whiten her teeth.

Mask: I tend to just do the typical 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar and a few aspirins (honey if my skin is a little dry). Keep on for my liking and rinse off.

Au Natural (kinky/curly girls):

I love doing the "ACV Rinse".

All you do is add 2 cups of ACV to one cup of water (try saving an old conditioner bottle to put the product in). Work this into your hair (massage your scalp as well) and comb through. Rinse. All done.

ACV helps with dandruff.