Sunday, June 7, 2009

Au Natural: Testing out Herbal Hairwash Powder

Have naturally healthy hair for years. Rediscover traditional hair care in a whole new form, with Meera Ayurvedic Herbal Hairwash Powder. An aromatic blend of herbs and roots that strengthen and nourish your hair; with flowers and herbs that soften and condition it as well.

Instructions: Make a paste with water in a bowl and apply on wet hair. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

This is how it looks:

Quick Thoughts:

After mixing the Herbal Powder with a few drops of water I applied this to my damp hair (the product glide on effortlessly). I left it in for maybe 15 mins (hair was still flexible). The product didn't dry up like the henna I once tried. The smell almost smelt like roman noodles ingredient powder though so that might bug some or make you hungry. Overall when washing this product out my kinky curly hair I notice the feeling of flexibility and softness and of course the scent was gone.

Ingredients: Shikakai, green gram, tulsi, vettiver, eucalyptus globulus, vigna radiata, hibiscus rosa-sinensis, madhuca longifolia, cinnamomum tamala, cyperus rotundus, lippia nodiflora, acacia concinna, ocimum sanctum, hedychium spicatum, albizia amara, vetiveria zizanioides, trigonella foenum-graecum and sapindus trifoliatu.