Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beauty Confessions: 03

I’m the type of person that when I find something I really love I buy loads of backup or every color...coughs*lol

I recently discovered my favorite arms/hands lotion is discontinued. This product works great on dry skin leaving it ultra baby soft and yeah it gets discontinued (the story of my life). So, I went on amazon.com today and bought a few bottles just to last me this summer. Have you done that? Afraid something was going to run out and by loads of it out of panic?

Anywho, here’s the famous lotion...

Olay Body Age Transform Intensive UV Defense Serum:

Intense moisturizer helps protect and fight body skin aging in your most age-prone zones: décolletage; hand & arms; other sun-exposed areas. +SPF 15.

Olay Age Transform Intensive UV Defense Serum is an ideal moisturizer for body areas most prone to the signs of aging, such as décolletage (neck and chest), arms, hands, and other sun-exposed areas.

How does it work? Intensive UV Defense Serum helps protect and fight body skin aging in areas where skin has become discolored, spotted from sun exposure over time. That's because it contains SPF 15 and a powerful complex, including green tea and sea buckthorn extracts. It immediately leaves skin velvety soft while deflecting UV rays and other environmental factors that can impact skin in exposed areas. With regular use, it also hydrates to allow natural rebuilding of collagen and activation of skin's own enzymes, gently revealing younger cells at the skin's surface.