Monday, June 22, 2009

MAC - Flirt with Fall Collection - Aug 09

Flirt with Fall Collection
27 Aug 09 [US/Canada]
UNK 2009 [international]

Interested in...hmmm not really into lashes, because they make my eyes smaller, but if I was to get some I would def. get #45 lash

False Lashes: $12.00USD

#43 Lash - Natural length. Wispy bundles that give even flirty fringe (Permanent)

#44 Lash - Unique combo of seperate bundles at inner corner and dramatic winged outer corner (Permanent)

#45 lash - Half lash. Long sep bundles, wispy and dramatic (LE)

#46 Lash - Full and short (Permanent in MAC Stores only)

#47 Lash - Extra long side swept hairs combine with fullness at the base to give an edgy look (LE)

#48 Lash - Slightly more dramatic length. Wispy bundles give flirty fringe (Permanent in MAC Stores only)