Monday, June 22, 2009

MAC - Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection - Aug 09

Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection
20 Aug 09 [US/Canada]
UNK 2009 [international]

Interested in...Front Lit, Lovin It(sounds like a better freckle tone), Young thing,The Perfect Cheek, Brash & Bold, Push the edge, Full of Fuschia, Artistic License, Obviously Orange, Colour Matters(def. want to see if these are better than the UD 24/7 liners)

Lipsticks: $14.00USD

Full Body - Deep red plum (Lustre) (LE)
Hold the Pose - Brown plum with gold pearl (Lustre) (LE)
Front Lit - Light white yellow (Frost) (LE)
Lovin It - Cool neutral with yellow undertone (Lustre) (LE)
High Strung - A deep pink silver (Frost) (Permanent)

Lipglass: $14.00USD

On Display - Purple with yellow pearl (LE)
New Spirit - Light yellow coral (LE)
Personal Taste - Mid-tone rose with pink gold pearl (LE)
Young Thing - Yellow neutral with gold pearl (LE)

Quads: $36.00USD (LE)

Photo Realism

Photorealism - Gold shimmer with gold pearl (Frost)
Fresh Approach - Cool mint green (Veluxe Pearl)
Image Maker - Mid-tone grey green (Frost)
Grey Range - Deep blue green (Veluxe Pearl)

In the Gallery

Lightfall - Pale pink (Satin)
Look at the Eyes - Light violet
In the Gallery - Mid-tone blue pink (Matte)
Private viewing - Deep brown plum (Matte)


Skintone 1- Light white pink (Lustre)
Skintone 2- Mid tone gold (Frost)
Noteriety - Mid tone brown with gold pearl (Velvet)
Rich & Earthy - Rich coral bronze (Veluxe Pearl)

Mascara: (Permanent) $12.00USD

Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack - True black

Powder Blush: $18.00

The Perfect Cheek - Mid-tone pale pink (Matte) (LE)

Notable - mid-tone brick brown red (Satin) (LE)

Eye Shadows: $14.50USD

Crest the Wave - Rich yellow (Frost) (LE) (Repromote from Naughty Nautical's Stowaway quad)
Off the Page - Mid-tone mustard orange (Frost) (LE)
Haunting - Light turquoise blue (Satin) (LE) (Repromote from MAC for Alexander McQueen)
Violet Trance - Deep blue purple (Matte) (LE) (Repromote for Balloonacy's Pandamonium quad)
Purple Shower - Mid-tone magenta with silver pearl (Satin) (LE) (Repromote from Turquatic)
Maira's Magic - Yellow pink (Satin) (LE)

Technakohl Liners: $14.50USD

Full of Fuschia - Deep blue magenta (LE)
Artistic License - Bright turquoise blue (LE)
Obviously Orange - Mid-tone coral (LE)
Colour Matters - Bright lime (LE)
Graphblack - Rich graphic black (Permanent)

Pigments: $19.50USD

Brash & Bold - Bright magenta (LE)
Push the Edge - Deep bright purple with pearl (LE)
Cocomotion - Dirty gold with olive undertone and gold sparkle (LE) (Repromote from Rushmetal)
Heritage Rouge - Deep burgundy with red and brown pearl (Permanent) (Pro) (Also a repromote from Overrich)

Glitters: $19.50USD

Fuschia - Sparkling fuschia (Permanent) (Pro)
Gold - Sparkling chunky gold (Permanent) (Pro)
Reflects Rust - Sparkling warm red (Permanent) (Pro)
Reflects Copper - Sparkling saffron (Permanent) (Pro)

Gloss Texture: $TBD

Clear (Permanent) (Pro)