Saturday, June 27, 2009

Request: Lime & Gold Look

What I used in the video:

Midsection/Browbone: with your #224 aapply Ochre Style (goldish brown)

Lid: apply Lucky Jade ( frost green) shadestick all over lid than blend out w/ a #249follow with Sharp (lime) all over the lid with a #242 brush (any flat stiff brush)

dupe: nyx jumbo pencil lime = lucky jade

Tearduct: apply Goldmine (Intense gold w/ shimmer) to the inner portion of the eye.

dupe: nyx Yellow Gold Pearl Mania = goldmine

Outter/Crease: apply a Deep brown to the outter portion of the lid working in the crease. Than buff it out with #222

Blending inner/outter: apply MUFE #93 (Irish Green ) on top of the "sharp" blending harsh lines from goldmine and deep brown

Tearduct/Inner: apply Crest The Wave ( cool yellow frost) on inner portion of the tear duct

Lower Lashline: apply Corn (a yellow gold)shadestick to your lower lashline
follow w/ Goldmine

dupe: nyx Yellow Gold Pearl Mania = corn


I actually use these colors summer of last year for a "candy contest" I had entered on my old channel:

#2 As you can see my hair was processed *au natural now* and nails longer:

I used:
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Yellow Pearl
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Lime Pearl

Urban Decay eyeliner - covet

#3 Humid(?) & Goldmine
(yeah I have two moles on my face *might get them removed they stick out)