Friday, July 31, 2009

Beauty Confessions: 04

Today it poured like the sky was crying for me to stay,

but than the sun came out to tell me it was pouring out happy tears, because I’m going to see the person I miss the most in the world. My Piscean partner that I was created with.

I started out the day oh so lovely. I doodled a little, took a few snap shots here and there,

got the best milk shake money can buy,

but than I noticed two things I have yet to do (mind you I’m writing a to-do list and checking stuff off the list at the same time in my head—great way to cause migraine) 1. Spray tan my legs and 2. Get that ugly mole removed (I mean I’ve been putting that off for years not good I know).

Is it just me all we all suffer from uneven skin tone? My legs always lose its tan color so quickly (it’s not following right with the rest of the bod).