Saturday, July 4, 2009

Request: Smokey Purple

Brows - I was doing something all wrong lol and was too lazy to wipe them)

MAC Paint Pot - Nice Vice - on the lid
+ working nice vice
MAC Eyeshadow - Cassette - on top of "Nice Vice"
MAC Eyeshadow - BeautyMarked - in the crease
MAC Eyeshadow - Bamboo - in the midsection
MAC Eyeshadow - Nakedlunch - in the inner portion of the eye
+ comparing Nakedlunch to All that glitter
Urban Decay - Lust Liner
+ swatch + tip
MAC Satinfinish - NC 42
+ let's compare
Bobbi Brown Concealer - Honey
+ concealer method
MAC Blush - Strayrose
+ look closer
Ben Nye Blush - Hazelnut
+ comparing Hazelnut

MAC Lipstick - KindaSexy
+ Fav. Pink Lipstick

Going on a diet (my goods tends to store itself in the lower portion of my body while the top of my body stays slim (waist up) I'm pretty hippy, w/ loads of butt and legs (the dark jeans is being forgiving)...I'm 5'2 so the weight tends to bother me.