Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Au Natural: Simple hairstyle w/ a twist.

I love wearing my hair in a "bun" been wearing them since I was in 90% of the time I'm wearing one :). Here's a twist to my favorite style. It's wearing a low bun w/ flowered bobbypin to hold the strands together causing a flattering look.

info from sephora:
SHOW: Carolina Herrera

Orlando Pita for T3
BEAUTY BOTTOM-LINE: A fresh take on the classic bun.

THE LOOK: There were lots of high necklines and collars, so naturally Orlando Pita decided the hair must go up! "I put it up in a way that looked a little young and not too perfectly done. The hair has a done feeling in the front, but in the back the pins are exposed making it easy for someone to do on their own," said Orlando. The trick to getting a more modern-looking bun? "The more pins you add, the flatter it gets," explained Orlando.