Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beauty Confessions: 05

Old tips never die!

Anytime I try to find a new foundation I always leave with 3 shades of foundation to find that perfect match.

Heres a few reason this could be benefical:
- You skin tone is uneven.
- Need to custom mix for your perfect shade.
- Weather Change (skin tone change a few shades).
- Simply just to match your skin tone.

My reasons are all of the above.

I believe I’m like most woman when I say I have 2 different skin tones on my face. I’ve suffer from this issue since I became make-up happy and than realized I had a problem when it came time to “match” that perfect shade of foundation to my skin.

Through time what helped even out my complexion.

- Face Scrub (honey + sugar)
- Toner (lemon)
- Moisturizer w/ SPF (Shiseido Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 55 PA+++)

Some how these 3 things helped me balance out my skin tone, but of course I still maintain to buy 3 shades of foundation (department store I get 3 shade samples) and match my skin tone to my perfection.