Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Almost at 2yrs of being natural!!

Wow! So what do you know in 3 more months I will be natural for 2 years. I can’t believe I marked 2 yrs already. It felt like it was just yesterday when I chopped my hair all off and thought what the heck to do with this kinky stuff?

Welp! I discover it was different, not like my dads who have extremely curly hair or my moms who has cotton like hair, but guess what? I loved it instantly.

I never got to see my hair in this way. It was always relaxed or something…I think this is the close I’ve seen my hair to being natural. I think me and my twin was 5months here (fraternal *yeah we both NC 45--lmao j/k he's a boy and of course doesn't wear make-up).

Here’s the first time I posted about my hair when I made a year(only the back *I have big hair lol so only show in sections):

WET (no products or manipulation *so if your hair is similar to mines leave me your secrets*):

Dry(no products or manipulation *so if your hair is similar to mines leave me your secrets*):

I think I decided I didn’t want to relax (I wasn’t sure what I was going to do to it really).

Anywho, If you want to see what products I’ve tried through out my journey to marking almost 2 years of being natural…go to the label “au natural”.

I've been hinting around about my progression (I usually post on a hair forum, but since a few people mention they have similar hair to mines I decide to post what I like or trying...basically for those who wear their hair out, because I don't all the time *as you may already know*).



1. Conditioner - Anything thats thick and creamy (keeps my hair from being dry)
2. Curl Enchancement - I really like anything since my hair has always been kinky curly since day one, but DevaOne is extremely great thanks for awilda putting me on that.
3. Ouchless products.
4. Satin Sheets

- Knots (I get these knot...tiny little knot at my tips *I swear I cut my hair everyday...It really would have been longer than what it is*)
- The two texture (I rather it being kinky curly than extremely loose).
- Shrinkage (but I have 2 years to mark 4 years to be straight with that).

Kind of iffy about:
- Denman Brush - Love the brush, but use it like once a month (or not even)
- Raw Shea Butter (not sure if its for my hair..maybe it's the kind that I's kind of hard to work with)

*so if your hair is similar to mines leave me your secrets*