Thursday, September 24, 2009

MAC Style Black Dupes?

Can these items create MAC Style Black Dupes?

Blackware Creamy true black
Dupe = NYX Lipgloss Black or Black Cream w/ creme Brillance Gloss.
*of course sheer it out

Blackfire Sheer black with pink purple pearl
Dupe = Beauty Marked + Creme Gloss Brillance
*of course sheer it out

Bling Black Sheer black with gold pearl
Dupe = Max Factor Golddigger #800 + NYX Lipgloss Black

Grease Paintstick ($17.50)
Black Intense black
Dupe = Jane Boyfriend

Black Knight Creamy true black
Dupe = MUFE Flash Color or NYX Black Lipgloss

Mineralize Eye Shadows ($19.00)
Cinderfella Black with silver pearl
Dupe = Jesse's Girl Night Vision

Cream Colour Base ($16.50)
Black Creamy True black
Dupe = MUFE Flash Color or Loreal Black Hip Cream Liner

Nail Lacquer ($11.00)
Nocturnelle True black (Cream) (Permanent)
Dupe = Deliciously Dark (black eggplant)

Seriously Hip Black with gold particle pearl (Frost)
Dupe = 850 Hard Edge

Baby Goth Girl Black with pink and purple pearl (Frost)
Dupe = Rimmel Night Before *I FONT A DUPE FOR GOTH and its not this lol*

*product used: