Saturday, November 14, 2009

Au Natural: Peppermint Oil & Grapeseed oil Mix

I try to massage my scalp at least once a week with oil to keep in routine (I do massage my scalp on a daily before I go to bed). This has been proven to help hair grow faster, because of the circulation in the scalp.

Pick an essential oil which would be good for your hair type.

For example:
dandruff = tea-tree or lavender
hair loss = peppermint oil or rosemary oil
overly dry = rose oil or chamomile oil

Since I want hair growth I choose to go for peppermint oil more often than others, plus I love peppermint. For the heavier oil I picked Grapeseed oil which is great because it is odorless and full of minerals and vitamins that help strengthen your hair. For every tablespoon of the oil that you are using (olive oil or almond oil, jojoba, sweet almond or grapeseed oil, etc.) only add a maximum of two drops essential oil.

I take a small storage bowl and pour in the mixtures of 1tsp to 2 drops and than mix the oils w/ my fingers. The mixture is now ready to be applied to your scalp.

Put a small amount of your oil onto your fingers. Begin massaging in small circular motions near your temples, and then move your fingers out over the rest of your scalp.

After all your oil is used up, place a shower cap or warmed towel on your head and leave the oil on for as needed. Since my hair is extremely dry I leave it in over night and wash my hair the next day. If you have normal hair just wash it out with a good shampoo and conditioner.

I try to do this once a week to keep in a routine. Remember this will help your hair grow faster.