Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lip Swatch - Nars Rose Birman

Nars Duo - Rose Birman (sheer raspberry cream)/Chihuahua (sheer bubblegum pink cream)

You know how you get why a product cost the amount it does after using it a bit? Well, that’s what happened with me and Nars at least after trying this lip gloss. I really didn’t find their cream blush to move me at all, but this product moved me to want to look more into their line.

Anyways, I love the formula of this lip gloss. It reminded me in away of the MAC Cremesheen, but with an extra kick. The color I wore is a sheer raspberry cream. I believe I applied 2 layers (the shade looks much deeper in person). It goes on like a dream just effortless no hint or feel of stickiness, with a bit more coloring than the MAC Cremesheen I can say.

I got a lot of compliment on this shade—will definitely wear it again even though I tend to lean towards more of a matte finish when it comes to deep shades on my lips. So, on that note I got out of the box :).

I also did find after 3+ hrs of wearing this product it still didn’t leave any sticky residue that Mac seems to leave when applying or after many hrs of wear. I actually had a few sips of my soft drink and still the product remained nicely on the lips.

Overall, I really can't complain, but if I had one in me I would say I wish it was a smear more opaque.

Price: $24 (by it self)

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*This product might have been LE