Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nail Polish: O.P.I - You Don't Know Jaques!

I love the fact that people have an endless amount of OPI Nail Lacquer, because I don’t (I think I own 2), but I want to someday. One thing I can say off the back is that this nail polish holding power is pretty impressive 3 day strong. The only thing I’ve noticed is without a second coat you would be sporting zebra inspired nails which definitely not a good luck. It really didn't go on as smooth as I was hoping. I’m only assuming the $8 doesn’t cover that it covers the second coat of perfection that brings you days of non-chipped nails. Don’t get me wrong theirs a smear of tips peeking through at the ends, but compared to other nail polish eh! Tomato, Tomatoe.

Price: $8
Shop: Beauty Salon, Nail Store and the mall.