Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nail Polish Swatches: Snowman

I bought these nail polishes over the weekend from my local drugstore. The price was perfect as well as the pay off. Definitely recommend you apply your fast drying topcoat, because I notice it takes awhile for layers to dry. While go back and get the rest. Oh! and they don't have specific names it only states "SnowMan".

Plum base with big chunks of complementary colors random sized glitter and shimmer.

This nail polish looks like it's going to be so vibrant but it goes on as a clear base with red shimmer. It glides on evenly keeping the shimmer pattern in the same consistency. Kind of remind me of Untold (clear with red glitter) by Illamasqua which I wanted awhile back, but now I have it for $14 dollars less.

Since the camera didn't capture the coloring correctly here's an image of the polish. Click to see the sparkles. The shimmer goes on packed with a background color similar to the more pronounce coloring in the glitter.

Price: $1.99