Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nail Swatch: Cozy Cocoa (dupe to OPI Barefoot?)

Maybelline Salon Expert Strengthening Nail - Cozy Cocoa 720.

The name does seem to fit this nail polish to the "T". It reminds me of hot cocoa, but with a hint of a baby doll blushing cheeks (if that makes sense). Just warmth of pink glides into this nude color creating a perfect shade for all complexions, because to me it seem this shade will transform it self with any undertone.

It really didn't take much to get this product to show up. I believed I only layered this nail polish twice just for kicks and it went on effortless without leaving any harsh streaks behind. The only down fall is without a top coat I noticed it did chip a little but.

I believe this is a great dupe to the Barefoot in Barcelona from OPI fall 2009 Spain Collection!

I was out and about and came across a swatch at a local beauty store and placed my finger nail right beside the nail polish color display disk swatch and noticed how similar it was to "Cozy Cocoa". It has a smudge of peach to it, but pretty darn close!

Price: $5
Dupe: OPI - Barefoot $9

I try to experiment a few days back using the color as my background layer.