Thursday, November 19, 2009

Skin: Winter Hand Treatment

I started using this method last year during the winter and I recently picked it up again once fall came back around just to get back in the routine actually.

With swineflu and these odd viruses swirling around we're cleaning our hands beyond more than normal. So, at night now my hands really appreciate this little step. During the day though I do use a conditioner by lord and taylor for my hands to helps with my skin and nails, but the hand lotion I choose to use at night is the Avon MOISTURE THERAPY ACE Pro-Vitamin Complex provitiamines hand cream.

It gives you 24 hour moisturization and guess what? It's unscented (Avon also has an intensive hand cream for those who have extremely dry skin).

Wear a cloth glove for 20 minutes or at night when your about to go to bed, or (for faster anti-aging action) pull them on after coating your hands with a creamy lotion. Repeat once or twice weekly.