Friday, December 18, 2009

Au Natural: Turmeric

I fount out about the great benefits of "Turmeric" through a group of co-workers and decided to find some more info on it:

Turmeric is an inexpensive healing properties that prevents and cure pimples.

Turmeric face mask for glowing skin
As a face mask, a paste of this powder and sandalwood powder mixed with a little edible oil should be applied on your face for 15/20 minutes. It is then washed off with cold water. Your face will be bright and radiant within 15-20 days.

Turmeric for skin infections
For any type of skin infection, a paste of neem leaves and turmeric will work wonders.

Pound dry turmeric root with milk on a stone slab to a fine paste. Apply this paste on your face and neck for half an hour. Your skin will start glowing. In winters, apply this paste to your lips to cure chapped lips.

Turmeric during bath

Mix pure turmeric powder in coconut oil and massage this oil into your skin before taking a bath. This will not only impart radiance to your skin but also ward off skin problems.

Turmeric as a pack for arms and legs
Mix a little turmeric powder in sour curds and massage this on your arms, hands and legs. Wash off with cold water. Don’t use soap, use gram flour instead. This serves as an excellent pack for your legs and arms.

Turmeric for wrinkles
Mix a little turmeric powder with the cream of milk (malai) and apply it to the skin around the eyes. This helps greatly in reducing the dark circles and the fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Turmeric for cracked feet
Slightly, warm coconut or castor oil. Add a little turmeric powder to it. Massage this oil over your heels to prevent cracks and roughness. Application of this oil on the toes and in between the toes is also beneficial.

Turmeric for tooth decay
Brushing teeth with a mixture of turmeric, ash and salt may help in tooth decay.

Turmeric for pigmentation and scars left by acne
Pound turmeric root with tender coconut water and apply this paste on your face to diminish the scars left by acne and lighten skin discoloration.

Turmeric to get rid of unwanted hair
Applying a paste of turmeric powder in warm coconut oil on your skin is believed to arrest the growth of superfluous hair and give you a petal soft skin.