Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Skin: Mask Sheet + 20 Pan Project

Product: A facial mask sheets specially made to target wrinkles and facial lines as well as hydrating the face and leaving you with a smooth complexion.

- Thoroughly cleanse, Apply toner and dry skin
- Tear off the pouch and unfold the sheet.
- Place it onto your face correctly.
- Leave the mask on for around 15- 20 minutes to obtain a perfect revitalizing effect

After the application, and the removal of the mask, there's no need to rinse the face. Try doing this 3-4x a week.

Price: $2-3

Walgreens has a brand called, "The Face Shop": shop for Mask Sheet

**** I decided to join in on the "20 Pan Project" fun! Must use up 20 things before buying anything new in that department.