Monday, January 11, 2010

Drug Store Fav. : Revlon Colorstay Foundation pt2

***edit: I'm currently using my Bobbi Brown Foudation in Honey which matches my skin more, but I have I want a little ump! I will alternate with the one that wins my heart on that day lol ***

During the summer I discover the Revlon Colorstay foundation and fell in love with it a few times here and there, I ended up with two shades; because I was unsure of the coloring—my skin tone was a few shades darker (went to Myrtle Beach for the summer) than the norm. Anywho, I’ve switched my foundation a few months ago and decided to post on how the foundation looks now.

Caramel in Normal to Dry runs lighter than the Caramel Combo to Oily Skin shade, but still is too dark for me now.

caramel now/winter:

currently using Toast (let's compare Caramel):

This time around “Toast #370(MAC NC 42-NC44 has been know to use this shade)” in Normal to Dry looks decent on my skin I really don’t want to try a shade lighter, so I’m sticking with this shade. This foundation gives my skin a beautiful healthy glow look.

***off the subject I want some mannequin nails I tried to create some nude nails and failed. The point is to get close to skin tone.