Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hard Candy Lipsticks

Overall, if you have pigmented lips and want to wear the soft pale colors try applying a dab of your foundation to mask the coloring of them. This will allow the true color to appear. If you do however come across a color that is a tab bit too light this is when lipliner becomes your friend. Amp! up those lips to suit you.

You won’t have a problem with applying the dark colors, but I did noticed one thing some of the dark deep lipstick may not be true to color (starlet).

I can’t really say much about the bright lipstick range and really dont think I'll find out.


The Hard Candy Lipstick looks like a matte finish but when swatched it’s not even close to it, it’s more on the glaze side. They run $6 a POP. My only complain is the packing sucks! It feels like the lipstick tube is stuck inside the cover so you have to do a little wiggling motion which leads to maybe “oops” with the actually product.

Sartlet - Remind me of “burin’n” lipstick, in the tube, but when swatches not even close. Looks like a cherry stain lipstick w/ a pinch of purple in it.

Night out – Looks like it’s in the rum raisin family with a brown plum ting to it. I instantly thought of “bing” when I picked this up, but I noticed it has more of a brown tint to it instead of an egg planet like the “bing” has.

Fire Alarm – I thought this would be a great nudish pink I could use for the upcoming season and when I swatched it instantly thought of “hue” lipstick and to my surprising they’re a perfect matched.

Perfect 10 – It was a struggle swirling this product from the tube. It glides on smoothly like the rest with a peachy pink payoff. Reminds me of “freckletone” for some odd way (I must get another one I finished it.)