Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hard Candy - Medium Concealer Palette #134

****This concealer was more on the sheer side not opaque or thick as my bobbi brown concealer (really not sure what to compare it to). Staying power was weak and really didn't do much for my under eye circles. I would suggest this concealer to someone who barely has dark circles and with extremely dry skin (just to be on the safe side), but for only $8 I think it’s pretty decent for the price only if your fit the requirements.

The color range was under drugstore standards. The under eye concealer didn't have enough yellow, but had a touch of peach to it (I guess I can give it a highfive for trying), but the face concealer wasn't that bad. The correctors on the other hand had too much white in it and to me personally that makes it definitely not universal friendly.

The colorful concealers are called, "Correctors". Their are used to fix problem areas.

- Covering up redness on the face.

Yellow - Counteracts reddness and brightens dull complexions.

Lavender - Counteracts yellow complexions and yellowish bruising as well as age spots.

Apply your the concealer over the corrector.

Price: $8

+ Watch a video I did on "easy ways" to correcting imperfections: