Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hard Candy - Bombshell Blush #128

I’ve been using Hard Candy's Bombshell Blush (rosey bronze) as a contouring product for a whole week now and love it. I actually forgot about it (bought it a while back with the rest of my hard candy stash). Little does goes along way, because this product is so pigmented (which is great for a $5 blush).

How I wear it:
I take my MAC #109 brush and buff the side of my cheeks and than follow with my MAC bronzer in bronze...definitely = wow! Than apply a blush on top. Which I know seems like much, but with the right blush it works well.

I really didn’t think I would wear bombshell as a contour product since I really didn’t care for blunt as a contour product due to the reddish tint to, but I love it. On another note this product reminded of something I had. So I thought ...hmm possible dupe?