Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Revlon Photo Ready Foudation - Caramel

*They look so similar to each other, but there is definitely a difference.

Be camera ready with this Photo Ready Makeup SPF 20 by Revlon. Looks great no matter the setting or the lighting!

Looking for that dewy glow? This lightweight, non-greasy foundation by Revlon goes on smooth to hide your imperfections. It has light coverage, but is builable for a more full coverage. Contains sunscreen.

*****Photo Ready compared to Colorstay Foundation has a much deeper and brown/neutral undertone(so maybe make sure you sheer it out, because that could be for just overlaying to much of it on and it settling that way) where as the Colorstay has a more yellow-ness to it and toast a more pinkish/peach(when all three is placed together for somew odd reason).


(You can see the difference in the hue. I def. will mix something in this foundation or just use it during the summer time.)

indoor: The best picture to show the deepness of the 3.

other shades:
- Vanilla
- Shell
- Nude
- Natural Beige
- Medium Beige
- Cool Beige
- Golden Beige
- Rich Ginger
- Caramel
- Mocha
- Cappuccino

Price: $15 (drugstore.com)