Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Revlon Photo Ready Foudation - Caramel (hmmm)

I just applied this product on my face and so far it gives me a healthy even bronze glowly look.

I placed a pea size amount on the back of my hand and took my #187 stippling brush and stippled it all over my face. The key I think is not to over do it since all of the shimmer, plus the undertone is off so yeah just less than a thin layer on your skin if your on the medium dark side of the NC 45. If your on the darker side of NC 45 you'll probably brighten up your skin with this well.

My skintone is uneven (much lighter on my cheeks, nose …etc than the outer portion of my face) so most of the time when I apply something on my face it looks somewhat dramatic, but in a good way. It’s just hard finding products for my skintone. I don't want to chase anything with a press powder to darken/ correct a wrong foundation shade.

I did however felt a tingling situation on my face (not sure what's going on, but it's been 20/30 minutes of me wearing the photo ready foundation and the feeling is still there).

I took a snapshot and no casper face. Photographs well when your wearing your close to correct shade, but a millimeter smidge off because of the spf. So this product is definitely for me. However, I did swatched the foundation on my upper chest area than took a picture and than I noticed this foundation undertone was too neutral/brown for me (looking at a far shot of my face), but it will do, because for a drugstore brand its pretty close.

This foundation is my perfect match so far from the "Photo Ready" Line.