Sunday, March 14, 2010

Au Natural: Hair update (kind of)

So, on 12/21/2008 I added these picture to my blog. click here. So pretty much almost a year later. I think I met my inspiration gold (smiles).

Anywho, I decided to add an update picture of my lengthen (I do cut my hair like a few times a month out of going nuts when I see a split end).

1. I washed my hair yesterday and left little of the conditioner in. So, this is my hair the next day from a bun. Big hair = love!! lol

2. Today the next day I spritz my hair with water before applying my gel.

3. I apply my aloe gel since I'm not going anywhere and tomorrow I will add a styling gel. Here's my hair close to dry, but with a little frizz.

All done!

As you noticed I will never really have lengthen, but BIG hair...and you now what I'm ok with that :) I love my hair more and more each day.