Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nars Sheer Glow Tahoe and Syracuse

I love this foundation so much!! I actually bought the shade in "Tahoe" (a few days ag0 )which was a little too dark for me now (everyone says I look so tan and bronze with it on *which is usually how I look during the summer I'm keeping for the summer*).

I went back with my Bobbi Brown Foundation in “Honey” and I fount that "Syracuse" was a closer match, but it has a tiny pinch of peach in it. Even though the “Syracuse” doesn't have as much peach in it “Syracuse” is a better match for me so far. *****

It dries up into a light brown yellowish swatch of color. The finish of this foundation is similar to the Bobbi Brown foundation. Seriously both are amazing …like skin!

Tahoe - (medium-dark with caramel undertones)

Syracuse - (medium-dark with brown undertones)

comparing bb skin foundation and nars sheer glow:

****I do mix a little of the tahoe in to my syracuse for perfect coverage..since It lacks the peachy undertone and settle w/ the carmel :)