Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quick thoughts: Revlon "Baby Pink" Colorburst

Thanks to a reviewer I stumble again upon the Revlon colorburst lipstick. Once I purchased my first 2 I was done with the “Revlon Colorburst” testing.

Anywho, the drugstore was having a buy one, get one free deal so I purchased the color “Baby Pink” (thanks to a review) and got one free.

First thing I noticed the lipstick is pretty frosty looking. Almost like MAC “frost” finish lipstick. I quickly thought great about the finish (since I actually like that finish, because it gives a glow to the lips which also enhance the lips giving a more pout-y look.

Compared to a MAC “frost” it’s almost translucent even with multiple layering and extremely glossy. Without the compression you wouldn’t even notice. I did notice this lipstick breaks down easier other than the MAC “frost” lipstick.

Welp! I didn’t really care for the lipstick. I started it with one swatch it gave a slight frost/glow finish, but almost with a hint of lavender/bluish tint to it. I’m assuming because I’m extremely yellow/peachy undertone and it pretty much cool straight out the tube (and maybe because it’s a frost and I’m simple thinking I usually mix cool matte/amplified lipstick with a creamy (non-frost) warmer color and this might not look too flattering).

If I was you I would reach for the MAC “Fast thrill” which is slight cooler than MAC “Bombshell”, but wearable for anyone of any undertone.

FYI: I didn’t really care for “blush”…the coloring doesn’t go with my skin, but topped with a creamy nude color I’m sure I will change my mind.