Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Au Natural: Protective Hair Style (Domo Attack)

So, for weeks all I’ve pretty much been doing is putting my hair in a bun (while wet). A style like this is low key, plus nothing new to someone who’s use that as a style most of her life (yes that’s why I have a weak hairline blah!) …

Ok so I recently dust off my fall beanies (from like 4 years ago) and have been wearing them nonstop. I keep the bangs out and the back moisturized, hydrated and twisted covered with a silk bonnet than bobby pin the sides to the beanie over the silk bonnet.

This will keep my hair from drying out as well as protecting my strands from the uv rays and don’t worry if something comes up and the beanie is just not suitable your hair should be ready to go once you unravel your twist. If they need a little kick spray a mist to give your hair a lift.