Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Au Natural: Yes to Cucumber Conditioner

okay, okay... I think I went a little overboard...keep the carrots lol (yes to carrots has silicone while this conditioner doesn't for those who care).

I always said I wanted to have a conditioner that I could I leave in my hair that was the same texture and feel of the lustersilk deep conditioner and somewhat organic, because it was light and creamy all in one, but not even close to “leave-in” status.

I fount all of this in the “Yes to cucumbers” colorcare daily makeover conditioner and with out a doubt it’s a keeper.

Okay this conditioner happens to be for colored hair (yes to cucumber color care daily makeover conditioner). The reason why I purchased the yes to cucumber color care daily instead of the regular was because I had applied henna to my hair sometime ago and I wanted to still care for the strands that were dyed.

Anywho, this product on its on is a no-go for me it’s not creamy enough unless it was because I had just finished applying shampoo to my hair and was extremely dry afterwards…hmmm I might try it for co-washing…I usually just leave it in my hair as a leave-in and I love it!!

My hair is shiny ..bouncy and soft to the touch!

The scent = yum! Nothing like cucumber
Price = pretty okay if your digging the whole “natural” thing.

Where to buy? Target :)
Will I repurchase? Yes, Sir!