Friday, April 2, 2010

Beauty Confession: Foundation Tip, Concealer and Dark Circles

So, I went back to my holy grail foundation. I guess it’s true what they say…”if it’s not broke don’t fix it?” welp! I’m sticking to the saying. I ended up with “Skin Foundation – Shade Honey” and decided I wanted to buy a summer foundation as well.

That’s when the sales clerk told me instead of buying a new foundation why don’t you just dust a bit of a matte bronzer over the foundation to correct the color so when your skin gets tanner so does your foundation pretty much.

I told her I actually have a bobbi brown matte bronzer and I will keep her tip in mind! Even though I kind of "go-figure" that tip, but it's good when minds think she's MUA I'm not lol.

Anywho, While I was there I wanted to get a concealer that would cover up my dark circles…speaking of dark circles I really want to try the “Neti pot”. It’s suppose to clear mucus from the nose/chest, dark circles under the eyes and bad breath…YUPPERS! while I’m not wearing any foundation and doesn’t give me that “makeup-ish look” since I really just been doing the:
- Blush/bronzer
- Mascara

And since I really want to get something that I can find everywhere not just at the CCO (my holy grail is the MAC Studio Light Concealer). She applied the Bobbi Brown Tinted eye brightener under one eye and OMG!! I was in “aaaaaahhh”. I love it! I do say it took forever for the product to come out, but once you get passed that little “Oops!” it’s amazing!.